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All in the family: Promenade's newest boutique founded by sisters from El Salvador

When their fashion mogul father would take business trips to Los Angeles to meet with his suppliers, Tatiana and Gabriela Flores would often tag along. Their favorite place to visit wasn't the fashion district, but rather the world-famous Third Street Promenade. They loved the street performers, the weather and the opportunity to buy clothes they couldn't find back home in El Salvador. 

"It was what we thought all of California was like — Santa Monica," Gabriela, 27, said. 

Now, instead of shopping on the Promenade, the sisters are running their own women's fashion boutique and lifestyle brand on the northern-most block of the pedestrian mall. Their brand is Tazga, a combination of both their names, tied together with a "Z," which represents their grandmother Zoila, who sparked the family's passion for retail when she opened a small shoe store in San Salvador. 

Tatiana Flores (left) and her sister Gabriela Flores at their clothing store on Third Street Promenade.


"It was always a dream for our family to have a business on the Promenade," Gabriela said. "It's such a unique place with a lot of innovation, cool concepts like The Gallery [Food Hall] and other restaurants. Trends are being set here."

Their father, Marco Flores, started selling clothes in his mother's shoe store and quickly rose up the ranks of retail, eventually owning stakes in some of the industry's most notable fashion brands, including Lacoste and Nautica. He brings his years of experience to Tazga, teaming up with his daughters in hopes of expanding beyond their locations on the Promenade and The Outlets at San Clemente. 

"My dad always had a passion to leave this to us for the future, to make it our own, build it up and hopefully expand and see how much we can grow," said Tatiana, 24. 

The sisters focus on providing comfortable, quality clothing that will last longer than the current trends. Most of their items feature soft fabrics with primary colors and simple patterns. The Floreses source from local designers who embrace the So-Cal lifestyle, which is why they focused on Santa Monica and San Clemente, both beach communities. They've also integrated a few brands from Columbia that specialize in swimsuits and athleisure. 

"We want you to come home and not immediately strip down into your PJs," Tatiana said. "This is clothing that you can feel comfortable in anywhere you go, but still look stylish. You can dress it up or dress it down."

In addition to cute crop tops, sweaters and corduroy skirts, Tazga also sells backpacks, and pillows, shot glasses, and coffee mugs featuring witty phrases. 



The Floreses hope to remain on the Promenade beyond their one-year trial period and plan to host in-store events and expand their online presence. 

"Retail is different in the U.S. than El Salvador," Tatiana said. 

"In El Salvador there are only like three malls and no online. Here there is a lot of competition and online shopping is big so we have to adapt," Gabriela added. "We ultimately want to say here, provide a place where locals can find styles that make them feel good, comfortable and where they feel like part of the family." 


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