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Dressed to impress: men's fashion in Downtown Santa Monica
By Owin Pierson

With so many mall and retailer options in Los Angeles it's sometimes hard to determine where to shop, especially when it comes to men's fashion. When I go shopping, I like to have plenty of options in a single store. For men, sometimes our choices are very limited, and our options are often crammed into a far corner of the store. That's why I love shopping in Downtown Santa Monica, where options are abundant and all within walking distance, the weather is almost always amazing, and men's fashion is highly regarded. Through this photo blog I'll highlight three great fashion stores in the heart of Downtown Santa Monica: Ron Robinson, MUJI and Uniqlo!

Being a content creator full-time involves a lot of meetings and events, and with the hustle and bustle, it's vastly important to have staple fashion items that can fit for most occassions. I like pieces that stand out, and can mix-and-match with the other items I already own. I was lucky enough to find three unique looks from each store that are both comfortable and stylish, suiting my busy schedule.



First stop:

Ron Robinson

1327 5th Street 

Downtown Santa Monica, CA 




Celebrating its 40th year in business, Ron Robinson is all about causal elevation in fashion. One of the things I immediately noticed was Ron Robinson's unique approach to product display. They use creative décor and layout to tell stories with the clothing and accessories. There are so many staple pieces in here that will complete any fashion look in your wardrobe.




Ron Robinson partners with a variety of brands and artists who represent different styles and vibes, and shake things up in the fashion, beauty and home industries. The outfit I chose is from a brand called Cotton Citizen. I put together a casual, on-the-go look with a burgundy V-neck, black denim jeans and black hoodie. The comfort level scored a 10 and the fits were slimming and flattering.




I finished the look with a Troubadour Backpack, which tied everything together. This look mixes high-end sophistication with laid-back comfort, great for a casual day driving around Los Angeles or working at a local coffee shop in Downtown Santa Monica.



Ron Robinson also showcases amazing art pieces throughout the store that are regularly updated throughout the year. Along with art, you'll find home decor, an array of baby clothing, fragrances and accessories for both men and women.


Second stop:


1345 Third Street Promenade 

Downtown Santa Monica, CA 



My next stop in Downtown Santa Monica was MUJI! Being half-Japanese, this was an exciting opportunity for me to be able to showcase Japanese simplicity in fashion. Especially now that we're in 2019, I am really focused on having fewer items, and choosing quality when it comes to what I keep in my closet. That's why MUJI is such a great spot to get anything you may need to elevate your wardrobe. As a whole, men's fashion may be limited in variety, but quality and comfort should never be a sacrifice – and isn't at MUJI.

MUJI prioritizes three core principles:

1. Selection of materials

2. Streamlining of processes

3. Simplification of package


I followed these principles when putting together a layered second look.




For this look I chose to pair the West Point Cloth Regular Pants, with the Coarse Indian Cotton: Long Sleeve T-Shirt layered under the Organic Cotton Indigo: Denim Shirt Blue, and completed the look with Comfortable Slip-on Sneakers.





Overall MUJI has a high-end, tranquil aesthetic throughout the men's department that makes it quite easy to find pieces to add to your wardrobe. As you can tell, I'm really into burgundies, but what really holds a look together for me is adding a hint of color and mixing in different fabrics, such as denim and cotton. I love my new look and am excited to wear it for business meetings, events and fun, lifestyle photoshoots in Los Angeles.


Third Stop:


Santa Monica Place 

Level 2 

Downtown Santa Monica, CA 




For my third and final stop, I headed over to UNIQLO, another Japanese fashion brand. UNIQLO's slogan is: Simple Made Better. I saw this theme throughout their store this winter season. I knew for this last look I wanted to incorporate a winter jacket, so I paired their Ultra Light Down Jacket with their EZY Ankle Pants and Hokusai Graphic Long Sleeve Shirt featuring their Hokusai Wave, an iconic graphic design that is considered the most recognizable work in Japanese art in the world. (Check out why with this article from CNN.)





In review, at Ron Robinson I was able to put quality, functional pieces together for a casual fashion forward look. At MUJI, I explored their denim and layered options, creating a complete lifestyle look. Lastly, at UNIQLO I loved their array of winter jackets and was able to highlight a fun Japanese graphic as the staple look for this outfit. I highly recommend stopping by Downtown Santa Monica to explore these and many other stores for your 2019 fashion hunts. If you're interested in seeing more looks and following along my journey, make sure to do so on Instagram and YouTube at: Owin Pierson.

Model/Content Creator: Owin Pierson (@OwinPierson)
Photographer: David Cano (@Damericano)

I love shopping in Downtown Santa Monica, where options are abundant and all within walking distance, the weather is almost always amazing, and men's fashion is highly regarded.

Owin Pierson is a lifestyle and fashion content creator focused on nurturing a positive and inspiring space for all. Originally from Northern Virginia, he moved to Los Angeles about 3 years ago. You can find Owin on Instagram or YouTube @OwinPierson.